Is your home being powered by dirty/harmful electricity?

The Clip Power Box was created to clean the harmful electricity that leaks into
your home via power poles. This innovative energy management system prevents
destructive EMF’s from invading your home, damaging your electrical equipment
and raising your bills.

What is the


Modern electronics such as computers and big screen TV’s release
Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) into your home’s electrical circuits. Continuous
exposure to EMF’s can potentially damage your electronics—and even your
The Clip Power Box refines, corrects, and regulates your electrical system,
delivering clean power that reduces heat, amps, and consumption, as well as the
harmful effects of EMFs. The result is electrical savings, prolonged equipment
longevity, and a healthier environment.

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Why Should You Install the Clip Power Box Today?

We care about improving the quality of your life and we know you do, too. That’s
why the Clip Power Box utilizes the most innovative energy management
technologies to filter out dirty electricity that’s wasteful, inefficient and harmful
to electronics and your home environment.
Engineered to be affordable, user-friendly, and effective, The Clip Power Box is a
ready-to-install, wire-in energy management system that can quickly and easily be
installed by a licensed electrician so you can start cleaning and protecting your
electrical system—and your home—today.

Why wait to enjoy the obvious benefits of the Clip Power Box?




As American engineers, designers and manufacturers of energy-saving products, we’re committed to making a positive environmental change. Not only do our products help customers make a difference by using less electricity, conserving natural resources, and lowering energy costs, but they’re also deliberately engineered to be affordable, easy to use, and effective.


Powering an economic and ecological change for tomorrow actually starts today. That’s why we’re compelled by a genuine desire to develop products that are designed to save money—and the planet. We’re also committed to supporting local manufacturing that will facilitate community trade and promote the American
industry. For us, enabling people to make a difference through the conservation of natural and financial resources during a critical era in human history means delivering thoughtfully engineered, American-made products of undisputed quality and value.


Here at Clip Power Box, we want to make sure you get the most benefit for your investment. Our partnership with Satic USA ensures that we can offer you the highest level of energy-saving products available—designed with the latest in energy management technologies. Satic’s proprietary design was developed by industry leaders and refined by 10 years of innovation, as well as extensive product testing, researching and the sourcing of leading-edge components. 



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